Pastor Ellie Davidian is the founder of He Sets Free Ministries.  She was born and raised a devout Shiite Muslim in Iran. She experienced the hardship and dark days of the revolution of Ayatollah Khomeni and the war with Iraq during 1980s and has personally seen her close ones & friends tortured and murdered by the Iranian regime.  It is hard to imagine the darkness of living under the heavy hand of Islam since it is a life full of hopelessness, fear, and doubt with no assurance of eternal life.  Her testimony is an amazing account of how God can hear the deep hearts cry of someone living under this oppressive religion. 
The search for the truth of the real God ,of Peace and Hope took her to France where she was a student and then to the United States, where for the first time she experienced the love of God through Christian friends.  Even though she had a supernatural encounter with Jesus in a dream, she still struggled with an inner fear to accept Jesus as God in flesh, since according to the teaching of Islam, the penalty of denouncing Islam and believing in Jesus as God in flesh, is going to hell.  God revealed Himself to her by the power of His Holy Spirit and through His Word in John 1:14; that she was totally free to believe in Jesus as Deity and was born again.  Her life was finally filled with His amazing Hope, Love and Grace!
Ellie married Pastor Sourik Davidian who......Continue


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Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free  John 8:32