Pastor Ellie Davidian is the founder of He Sets Free Ministries.  She was born and raised a devout Shiite Muslim in Iran. She experienced the hardship and dark days of the revolution of Ayatol­lah Khomeni and the war with Iraq during 1980’s and has personally seen her close ones & friends tortured and mur­dered by the Iranian regime.  It is hard to imagine the darkness of living under the heavy hand of Islam since it is a life full of hopelessness, fear, and doubt with no assurance of eternal life.  Her testimony is an amazing account of how God can hear the deep heart’s cry of someone living under this oppressive religion. 
The search for the truth of the real God of Peace and Hope took her to France where she was a student and then to the United States, where for the first time she experienced the love of God through Christian friends.  Even though she had a supernatural encounter with Jesus in a dream, she still struggled with an inner fear to accept Jesus as God in flesh, since according to the teaching of Islam, the penalty of denouncing Islam and believing in Jesus as God in flesh, is going to hell.  God revealed Himself to her by the power of His Holy Spirit and through His Word in John 1:14; that she was totally free to believe in Jesus as Deity and was born again.  Her life was finally filled with His amazing Hope, Love and Grace!
Ellie married Pastor Sourik Davidian who also has a heart to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are traveling in the Body of Christ conducting “Unveiling Islam” seminars, educating the body of Christ on how to reach Muslims. The vision of this ministry is to reach the lost, especially Muslims, ministering to their hearts and sharing Christ’s Unfailing and Steadfast Love with them.  The goal is to empower and equip the Church with under­standing to face the necessary task of world evangelism and discipleship which includes training about what the spirit of Islam really is and how to effectively minister to Muslims who are bound under the lies of this anti-Christ spirit.
Pastors Sourik and Ellie Davidian take part in television programs that broadcast the Gospel in Farsi by satellite to Iran, Middle East, Europe and around the world where people can use satellite.  She has translated "The Story of Jesus" book­let into Farsi for Terry Law Ministries/World Compassion, which is now being successfully distributed in Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and many other countries where Farsi-speaking people live.  She assisted Terry Law Ministries/World Compassion, in creating a Bible school curriculum to teach Chinese missionaries about Islam and how to minister to Muslims.
She has been training believers around the world about the reality of Islam and how to reach Muslims with the Gospel, since much of the unreached world is Islamic, the church needs to be prepared for the world harvest.  Many Muslims in different parts of the world, have come to know and experience the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ through their ministry.

Some of the places where she has ministered Include:

World Harvest Radio Sumrall’s Ministries: South Bend, IN - Victory World Mission: Tulsa, OK - The 700 Club CBN: Virginia Beach, VA - TBN: Tulsa, OK - Daystar Television Network: Dallas, TX - Inspirational Tele­vision Network: Charlotte, NC - Aglow Women International: Topeka, KS - Aglow Women International: San Jose, CA - Le Sea broadcasting: South Bend, IN - DOMATA School of Mission, Mark Brazee Ministries: Broken Arrow, OK ­ Grace School of Ministry at Grace Church: Tulsa, OK - Open Doors, Azusa Pacific University - Underground Church of Spirit and Truth: United Arabic Emirates - Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU) - Ruach City Church (Kilburn location): London, England - King Jesus Ministry Church / El Rey Jesús (Largest Hispanic Church in USA) and their TV program: Miami, FL - The CNN Belief Blog - Ministering in churches and Leadership Training Conferences to former Muslims in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Arabic Emirates, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Honduras, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Greece and Canada.

To schedule a meeting with us in your area, please contact: He Sets Free Ministries

Our Mission

To win Muslims to Christ by revealing the true nature of God, dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our heart desire is that they may experience Salvation, true joy, peace, and unconditional love of God.

The heartbeat of He Sets Free Ministry is:

1– To train and equip the church to reach Muslims.

2–  Give all Muslims living in the world the opportunity to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

3–  Satellite Television Broadcast is the most effective and fruitful way to have and impact in Islam world.

4–House church planting television is the best tool for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this media  house churches can be started.