Pastors Sourik and Ellie Davidian take part in various television programs that broadcast the Gospel in Farsi by satellite to Iran, Middle East, Europe and around the world where people can use satellite. They've been equipping the believers around the world about the reality of Islam and how to reach Muslims with the Gospel, since much of the unreached world is Islamic and the church needs to be prepared for the world harvest. Many Muslims in different parts of the world have come to know and experience the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ through their ministry.
Some of the places where they have ministered Include:
The 700 Club-CBN, Daystar Television Network, TBN, Inspirational TV Network, Aglow Women International, Le Sea broadcasting TV, Underground Church-United Arab Emirates, Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU), Ministering in churches, Leadership Training Conferences and outreaches to former Muslims as well as Muslims and refugees in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Honduras, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Greece, Canada and the USA.